The Ups and Downs

Without doubt it is pretty cool that man has the abilities to rocket UP into the stratosphere above Earth, set up a “space station”, and remain there for such long periods, like our fellow Brit Tim Peake did in 2016. Also, to safely land exploration craft on Mars and photograph other planets etc.

However, by far the most wonderful and awesome fact concerns someone who came in the complete opposite direction. The One who was Creator of all things (John’s Gospel 1:3), the sustainer of the entire universe (Hebrews 1:3) , Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, who ever dwelt in His Father’s bosom (John’s Gospel 1:18)  came DOWN from the highest heights of glory, into a dark, sin – ridden world in order to live a perfect sinless life, and to die as the only perfect sacrifice for our personal sins and the sins of the whole world. A price that none of us could ever pay. He took our punishment and our guilt, willingly laying down His life and giving His spotless, precious blood, so that all who repent and believe in the Gospel will be forgiven and have an eternal home with Him in Heaven.

In love, grace and mercy, The Creator came, was born of a virgin and died for His creature man!! What immeasurable love!!

Jesus Christ, who rose from the grave and ASCENDED back to His Father, having conquered sin, death and Hell, (Ephesians 4:9&10), first DESCENDED, right DOWN to the depth’s of suffering and shame at Calvary’s Cross, the very LOWEST place.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!!

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