What themes of unspeakable delight are these to all who have known the sweetness of the grace of God brought to us in the Person of The Lord Jesus Christ! Though we may speak of them with full hearts, yet in doing do we realize that what we say falls far short of what we desire to speak. We cannot find words to express what we sense and know to be true concerning the glorious splendor of the majesty of Him who is Creator of all things – the eternal God over all, yet manifested in flesh. Marvellous mystery of infinite wisdom, truth, power and love! Yet, however feebly we speak of Him, the fact of doing so is precious to our hearts, and and he delights to hear the voices of His own speaking well of Him.

If He is so worthy of our speaking of His glorious majesty, then the works that He has accomplished are surely worth of so great a Person and worthy of being declared to the whole universe. His marvellous work of creation, magnificent in its greatness and perfect in every infinitesimal detail, is astounding to everyone who considers it.

But His amazing work of redeeming love accomplished by His sacrifice on the Cross bows the heart in deepest reverent thanksgiving and praise. Then the wonder of His resurrection from the dead and His ascension into Heaven is a work so marvellous that it lifts the heart with triumphant joy and adoration. Other works, too, are worthy of being spoken much about – all based on that greatest of all works, the willing, precious sacrifice of the Lord of glory. Moses and Elijah spoke of it with The Lord Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration.
Eternity will never exhaust our delight in speaking of it.
(L.M. Grant)

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