I Wish You Knew My Jesus

A long time ago, in a remote village in South America, a missionary was introducing Jesus Christ to the inhabitants, who had never heard about Him or the Bible before. After he had finished his Gospel message, one of the locals asked him “Do you know the Man in the Book?” The missionary assured him that he did. Later he recounted the story to a friend, and said “Thanks be to God, that I did know the Man in the Book, I knew Him as my Lord and Saviour, and was able to share Him with these people who had never known of His love and forgiveness.”
As believers, our heartfelt desire is for others to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and this is well expressed in the little song below.

I wish you knew my Jesus
And loved Him as I do,
For if you knew my Jesus,
Then you would love Him too.

He gave His life at Calvary,
The sacrifice for you;
If you’ll receive my Jesus,
Then you will love Him too.
(Mildred L. Dillon)

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